Inicio Review Cleveland Film Festival
"What a beautiful and complex film! First off let me just say that I absolutely loved the concept. It is so intriguing and it is executed with such depth, heart, and just the right amount of humor. The opening image with Vicente’s head in the frame is so striking and really pulls you into the film. The music throughout does a wonderful job of setting the overall tone of the film and helps to push it forward. I really liked the use of the notebook, it is a unique touch and works beautifully. The scene with the mother is simply stunning. It is the perfect mixture of funny and heartfelt and the acting throughout it is just stunning. Just a wonderful film with a really beautiful ending".
"Great film opening with Vicente in a blue haze room. It reminded me of a Picasso painting in the blue period. Nicely done with minimal conversation or movement. Really caught my attention. And, the quirks of the main character were played very well. The piano music in this film was dramatic. It had a nice rich sound that carried me through the film. I kept wanting to hear more piano! I loved the way the mother dream scene was handled. Nice touch with the mom in the back seat. Good camera work especially while in the parking garage". "Mariquita or Ladybird (translation Ladybug) is a unique, powerful film using few close-up shots and strong music to tell a very heavy story. The scenes filled with sadness become whimsically funny with some of the vey succinct dialogue. The well written script encompasses many thoughts that will keep the viewer involved in this film".